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      Welcome to Tsinghua Tongfang!
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      Industrial manufacturing

      Based on the “Made in China 2025” innovative development route, Tongfang Industrial Group has institutions in Beijing, Nanjing, Zhuhai, and Chengdu, has an academician workstation and a post-doctoral research station in Jiujiang, and has established a joint laboratory with over ten key universities in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Wuhan, thus forming a relatively complete scientific research system.

      We design and manufacture high-end equipment such as electronic communication, Beidou system, ship, fire truck, safe storage, and so on. Our products are used in the fields of national defense, transportation, post and telecommunications, radio and television, fishery administration and meteorology.

      We have 52,000 square meters of electronic manufacturing base, first-class production capacity in electronic mold manufacturing, parts manufacturing, injection molding, assembly, testing, software development, and system integration, 10,000-ton dock whose maximum lifting capacity is 320 tons and modern outfitting wharf, and production and construction capacity of various types of ships below 20,000 tons.

      Case Study


      China Oilfield Services Limited

      China Oilfield Services Limited

      Timely service, in-place security, skilled technology, and strong protection.