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      Welcome to Tsinghua Tongfang!
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      Si-tech park

      According to the needs of innovation and development of high technology, Tongfang Science Park set up a platform for industry-university-research cooperation with Tsinghua University, forming an industry chain coordinated development platform; through “investment + incubation” model, Tongfang provides professional services supported by government, institutions, funds, universities, and large-scale high-tech enterprises, to help base enterprises to reduce costs and achieve healthy development.

      • Tongfang has more than 10 science parks in China which are associated with industries and have global production and research and development capabilities, and has more than eight overseas R & D institutions.

      • Tsinghua Tongfang Incubator is an entrepreneurship and innovative base of national independent innovation demonstration zone and state-level group innovation space, and also the member company of Tsinghua Holdings Corporation Limited “Xingju Space”; in the future, it will take part in the plan of nurturing 500 “Torch Star” enterprises with assets of over 100 million.

      Case Study


      Science and Technology Committee

      Science and Technology Committee

      In March 2016, it was rated at the third batch of “Beijing maker space” by Beijing Science and Technology Committee and Beijing Maker Space Alliance.